Talent Show Rules

  1. A group act in the county preliminary competition may drop a member who is listed on the Youth Talent Contest Entry Form by MAY NOT ADD OR REPLACE any member that was not listed on the original entry form submitted to the Indiana State Fair.

  2. Contestants may refer to this contest brochure under the Competition Schedule for the date and time that they should report to the Farm Bureau Building Auditorium. If contestants are unable to arrive on time for the Greeting/Registration, they must provide notice to the Hoosier Youth Showcase office at the Indiana State Fair two days prior to competition. Approximate line-up time will be given to contestants at registration. Disqualification may result if tardy.

  3. Each act will be allowed a total of three minutes performance time. An official timer will be present at each competition during the Indiana State Fair Youth Talent Contest. Ten penalty points will be deducted from the score of any act that exceeds the three-minute time limit.

  4. Timing begins: a) When music begins, when music is used, OR b) At first movement or vocal utterance of performer without musical accompaniment. Set-up time for all props, including mats, is 1 minute only. Music must end within 3 minute limit. Ten penalty points will be deducted if set-up time exceeds one minute.

  5. The Indiana State Fair DOES NOT provide any equipment (including gymnastic mats), except for the lighting and sound equipment. All acts will use ONLY the lighting system provided by the Indiana State Fair.

  6. All acts will use ONLY the sound system and sound operator provided by the Indiana State Fair, however instrumentalists may bring their own amplifiers, if needed. All music must be on cassette tape or CD (good quality), cued, correct side marked and labeled with the act’s name and address. This tape/CD is to be brought to the Youth Talent Contest on the day of competition at registration time. Be sure only competition song is on tape/CD. Mis-cueing will result in a penalty deduction of 10 points. Contestants with mis-cued tapes/CDs will be allowed to perform at the end of that category.

  7. NO ONE OTHER THAN THE PERFORMER(S) WILL BE ALLOWED BACKSTAGE. THE DOES INCLUDE ALL PARENTS AND TEACHERS. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may mean disqualification.

  8. Video taping will be allowed only in areas specified for that purpose. PERFORMANCE RULES